About the symposium

Current Developments on Environmental Risk Assessment for Plant Protection Products in Europe

On 13 January 2009 the European Parliament adopted a new regulation concerning the placing of Plant Protection Products on the market replacing the former Directive 91/414/. This new regulation caused uncertainties and will need many discussions.
Regarding the environmental risk assessment, the new regulation implicates some considerable changes, as for example:

  • the compulsory mutual recognition of authorisations in Member States belonging to the same zone;
  • the comparative assessment of products with a view to encouraging the substitution of dangerous substances (POP, PBT, vPvB, CMR) by safer alternatives;
  • simplified procedures for low risk substances and products;
  • biodiversity as a discrete protection aim.

At this symposium, the consequences of the new regulation on the registration of Plant Protection Products will be presented and discussed by competent presenters, taking also into consideration the outcome of several workshops which took place within recent years addressing specific topics of the environmental risk assessment. In addition, the current status of EFSA Working Groups on different Guidance Documents will be presented by competent representatives of the Working Groups.