Programme overview

Thursday 17 September

Chair: Fred Heimbach (RIFCON GmbH, Germany)





10:00 SETAC Katrien Arijs (SETAC Europe, Belgium)
10:05 Scientific Steering Committee Fred Heimbach (RIFCON GmbH, Germany)
Regulatory background of the new Regulation
10:15 Views of the European Commission on the new Regulation Wolfgang Reinert (European Commission, Belgium)
10:40 EFSA opinion on the new Regulation Tony Hardy (Central Science Laboratory, United Kingdom)
11:05 COFFEE/TEA    Posters & Exhibition
11:25 The New Regulation - a regulatory view Mark Clook (Chemicals Regulation Directorate, United Kingdom)
11:50 Industry perspective Richard Schmuck (Bayer CropScience, Germany)
12:15 The Water Framework Directive and its relevance for PPP registration Mark Crane  (wca environment limited, United Kingdom)
12:40  Discussion  
13:05 LUNCH   Posters & Exhibition
Important new scientific topics in the Regulation                
14:20 Environmental modelling and validation Colin Brown (University of York, United Kingdom)
14:55 Persistence of plant protection products as cut-off criterion Bernhard Gottesbüren (BASF, Germany)
15:30 COFFEE/TEA    Posters & Exhibition
16:00 Endocrine disruption James Wheeler (Syngenta, United Kingdom)
16:35 Biodiversity Lorraine Maltby (The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom)
17:10 Discussion  
17:40 COCKTAIL    Posters & Exhibition


Friday 18 September

Chair: Katja Knauer (Federal Office for Agriculture, Switzerland)

08:30 Introduction by the symposium chair Katja Knauer (Federal Office for Agriculture,Switzerland)
Recommendations and conclusions of recent Workshops addressing specific PPP ecotoxicological issues
08:40 Linking aquatic exposure and effects in the registration procedure of plant protection products (ELINK) Ralf Schulz (University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany)
09:10 Aquatic macrophyte risk assessment for pesticides (AMRAP) Gertie Arts (Alterra, The Netherlands)
09:40 Semi-field Methods for the Environmental Risk Assessment of Pesticides in Soil (PERAS) Andreas Schaeffer (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
10:10 Ecological models in support of regulatory risk assessments of pesticides: Developing a strategy for the future (LEMTOX) Valery Forbes (Roskilde University , Denmark)
10:40 COFFEE/TEA    Posters & Exhibition
Update of the new Guidance Documents on different groups of organisms: status, developments, issues
11:10 Development of guidance in accordance with 91/414 and WFD for aquatic organisms in Dutch surface water Theo Brock (Alterra Wageningen UR, The Netherlands)
11:45 Revision of ecotoxicology guidance documents: ongoing work at EFSA Karin Nienstedt (European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Italy)
12:20 LUNCH   Posters & Exhibition
13:30 Terrestrial risk assessment for plant protection products: A new perspective? Paulo Sousa (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
14:05 Terrestrial vertebrates Robert Luttik (National Institute for Public Health & the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands)
14:40 Non target arthropods including bees Anne Alix (French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA), France)
15:15 Conclusions & Closing
15:45 COFFEE/TEA    Farewell